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Wedding Portfolio

John & Sophia

I had the honor of filming and editing some of my best friends, John and Sophia Klaves' wedding trailer! It was the absolute perfect day to celebrate an amazing pair. John and Sophia are so fun and such an inspiration to all who know them. I can't thank them enough for giving me the opportunity to film their big day and I wish them the best and brightest life together!

Renee & Gunnar

I had the honor of filming and editing Gunnar and Renee Borsman's wedding video! It was such a fun and beautiful day despite the nasty weather. Renee and Gunnar are so fun and full of love for each other, and you can witness that in the video. I wish them the best as they take on life together!

Tyler & Emma

I had the honor of filming and editing Tyler and Emma Griffin's wedding video! The day was so full of tender moments of love and pure joy, and it was very special for me to witness two of my best high school friends commit their lives to each other. I can't wait to watch you both as you grow and take on the world together!

Jeremy & Kate

I had the honor of filming and editing Jeremy and Kate Barlow's wedding video! It had one of the most beautiful venues and the most fun reception I have ever gotten to attend. Jeremy and Kate were such gracious clients and an absolute blast to work with. It's been a joy watching them grow into a beautiful family!

Jeremy Barlow, VA

“I am overjoyed with the results of the video from mine and Kate's wedding. Leila Haddad did an amazing job and am glad we got to work together. Thank you so so so much for everything"

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